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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Yesterday, July 4th, I watched a bit of tennis at Wimbledon. Two aspects interested me: first of all there seems to be a good positive correlation between players' abilities to wear a baseball cap correctly and their progress in the tournament. Indeed, the two men's finalists demonstrate this perfectly: neither wears a cap at all.

Secondly, the cameras wandered idly over those assembled in the Royal Box. Among the glitterati was David Frost. I was so pleased that, as Josh reported on 29 April, the obsequious curtseying and bowing has been abandoned. It's a shame, though, given the presence of that particular individual, that mooning has not been formally introduced in its place.

The late, great Peter Cook once had a phone call from David Frost, inviting him to a party he was having. Cook consulted his diary and responded 'No David, I find that I shall be watching television that evening.'

Peter, we miss you; David we wouldn't.

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