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Saturday, July 19, 2003
Whose 'fault'?

The headline 'Proud of yourselves?' in today's Daily Mail and the accompanying pictures suggest that Blair, Campbell and Hoon bear a grave responsibility for David Kelly's death.

While attributing blame may currently involve too much speculation, the Mail cannot yet exonerate itself. An earlier article by Andrew Gilligan, in that paper, giving more detail about his meeting with 'a source', appeared to give further clues pointing at David Kelly.

Now, it has always been my practice to make sure that sources cannot be identified. There have been too many occasions where, under pressure, journalists have given way to threats/vanity/carelessness. They should be steadfast about this.

So, was the finger pointed inadvertently or deliberately at David Kelly? Did the MoD have a sinister hand in the matter? Is there another source for which Kelly was camouflage?

Whatever the answer, perhaps the Mail got it right after all. The government has been caught out taking the nation to war on the basis of dodgy intelligence. Concentrating on a minor aspect of a very large porky indeed is unlikely to get them off the hook.

Fresh from the hubris of adulation by Congress, Blair will now have to address the question properly: where are the weapons of mass destruction? With the US administration backing away from the official reason, and substituting 'We went to war because we wanted to,' I wouldn't like to be playing Blair's hand, now.

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