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Thursday, July 03, 2003
Australian sandwiches

One of the joys of Australia - and there are many - is the imaginative nature of the sandwiches. While in The Crown, Melbourne, a very large house of ill-repute, I had a delicious sandwich in one of its many eateries. When I returned a few days later, the establishment was no longer making the particular comestible so I had to experiment. This is what I came up with:
1. Split a piece of focaccia. Toast it on the inside.
2. Spread the bread with mashed, (over) ripe avocado.
3. Mix some tinned, flaked tuna with mayonnaise (ready-made, low fat stuff is OK and convenient) and finely chopped pimientos (or well-cooked red pepper)
4. Spread thickly on one slice, already coated with avocado.
5. Lay on some washed, uncooked green leaves - spinach is best
6. Assemble and enjoy while still hot.
Because of where I first tasted it, I have called it 'The Melbourne Crown'. Mrs T. was so impressed that she asked me for the instructions on making it (I mean on preparing the sandwich).

This is the final version and I am going to send it to "The Sandwich Project", a delightful collection of sandwich recipes. You can find the site here. It is a treasure house of what to do with odd or much loved ingredients. For example, soggy cornflakes, a gherkin and apple peelings: just mash them together and put between two slices of bread (I jest).

This reminds me of a hundred year old joke:
Q. Why don't camels starve in the desert?
A. Because of the sandwiches there.
The old ones are always best.

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