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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Why they're a threat to peace

Last night, there was a fascinating BBC programme about the way the USA is perceived. In general, the current administration was seen as more of a threat to world peace than any other entity apart from al Qaeda. There was a big majority of countries, world wide, where the populations were of this view. This is not entirely unexpected, except to my esteemed friend across the Atlantic.

So, before anyone can come up with a criticism of this opinion, let me suggest some of the carefully thought out reasons Donald Rumsfeld and company will find for suggesting the rest of the world is wrong:
Not a scientific survey [even if, prima facie, it looks statistically OK]

We have to defend ourselves against the forces of evil.

We're the biggest bully kid on the block so what we say goes.

The rest of the world does not exist. Where's Aceh [or a million other places one could name]?

Our pre-emptive strikes are self defence. Others indulge in evil terrorism.

You're biased.

You're wrong.

Yah! sucks! boo!
Just wait for the comments to come flooding in. Still, considering that a sizeable proportion of the US population thought that Iraq was responsible for 9/11, I wonder if this list is imaginative enough.

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