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Sunday, June 15, 2003

A visit to Gaza

In this interesting but rather badly written article, the British MP Oona King describes her visit with a colleague - 'myself and Jenny Tonge' (sic) - to occupied Palestine. Perhaps her most interesting point is to remind people that the Jews pretty well invented modern, large-scale terrorism:
[The] ... Jews ... set up the Stern Gang and blew up the King David Hotel in the 1940s. Ninety-four people died. The leader of that terrorist group, on Britain's "most wanted" list, went on to be the Israeli prime minister. Many Jews revere him, even while they abhor the terrorism that ruins their lives today. Israelis must be freed from terrorism - such as yesterday's horrific attack in Jerusalem. All terrorism, not least Palestinian terrorism, is abhorrent. But it is also predictable
This particular point needs to be hammered home time and again. The sheer predictability of Arab terrorism has to be taken into account. Terrorism got the Jews a state. Never mind if it was in someone else's country. And if the World says that Israel and Palestine must 'negotiate', one has to ask what the Palestinians have to negotiate with. Do they have any cards other than terrorism?

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