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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

They're waking up

The BBC reports that enquiries into the basis for the war with Iraq are under way in both London and Washington. Not before time.
MPs are to begin examining whether the government misled the public about the extent of the evidence it had against Saddam Hussein,
according to this article.

You can read a parallel article here. It includes the following gem
In Washington, Congress is to open inquiries this week into whether the government misread or inflated threats posed by Iraq before going to war.

Such a finding is seen as having the potential to embarrass President Bush.
Embarrass....embarrass? There should be enough evidence to do rather more than that. How about an impeachment? Where's the special prosecutor? If one president can be hamstrung by a 'fishing' investigation which only discovered that he lied to protect his marriage, how about giving a good kicking to one who induced his country to make war on spurious evidence?

By any objective judgement, one of these deceptions is far graver than the other.

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