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Friday, June 13, 2003

Spam viruses

There is an alarming development in the use of viruses to distribute pornographic spam. Ugh! According to this article (Read it! That's an order...)
British experts have found the first hard evidence that hundreds of thousands of computers were deliberately infected with viruses by spammers who used the machines to distribute pornography and junk mail.

The Gloucester-based computer security firm MessageLabs established that a virus which was sent to up to 1 million computer users over two days last week was the work of a spammer trying to gain access to machines to distribute ads for websites carrying incest pornography.
Not content with ignoring Josh's dictum ('Sex is not a spectator sport' © Josh), these shitbags are finding further ways to bugger up the workings of the internet. However,
The EU is to introduce laws to curb spamming in October, but the world's 150 most prolific junk mailers are all based around one town in Florida, where there are no anti-spamming laws....

...Richard Clayton, a Cambridge University computer security expert and trustee of the Foundation for Information Policy Research, who receives up to 5,000 spam messages every day says..."It is up to the British and other European governments to put pressure on the US and force them to pass proper laws that will stop these people operating for good."
Failing that, lets nuke Florida. Nobody would miss it.

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