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Friday, June 20, 2003

The RĂ©al Beckham problem

Yesterday, I watched David Beckham talking about his forthcoming transfer to Madrid. If I understood him correctly, he thinks that living in Spain will give his children the opportunity to learn (or did he say 'speak'?) another language. Perhaps he should learn to speak one language before pontificating on another. I'll just mention one of his least objectionable habits: his 'erms' were virtually every other word, degenerating into 'terms' on occasions. Honest.

As for 'Posh', I cringe whenever she opens her mouth - she's rather less posh than Ozzy Osbourne.

Mrs Trellis will remember the essence of my Official Secrets Acts:
The doings and sayings of popstars, footballers (except on the field of play), soapstars and members of the Royal Family (unless abdicating) shall be Official Secrets.
The purpose of this clause is, of course, to force tabloid newspapers to print real news. But it would also spare us this nonsense from reputable TV channels. Ah well, one can dream...

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