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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Pictures by phone

We have got used to the idea of pictures by phone, even though no-one has come up with a 'killer app.' (apart from blind dating). However,
Doctors at a Welsh hospital are leading the way in using modern technology to help speed up a patient's treatment.

When a specialist is not to hand to make an instant diagnosis, junior doctors are using mobile phones to send picture messages of an X-ray.

Doctors claim the use of mobile phone technology has already reduced waiting times for orthopaedic patients.
Read the whole thing here. I can't help thinking that the 3G brigade has somehow missed a trick:
Phone companies are currently trying to promote the use of mobile phones with picture messaging capability, and hope it will become as popular as e-mail and text messaging.
Yeah. I wrote recently that it's about time manufacturers included pencil sharpeners and nose-hair trimmers in the latest mobile phones. I should, of course, have added portable X-ray machines. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

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