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Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Offensive drama?

According to this article,
The BBC was last night accused of inciting religious hatred after a drama about a suicide bomber in Birmingham prompted nearly 1,000 complaints and an email campaign by Muslim viewers intent on challenging Islamophobia in the media.
I intend to add my voice to the complaints. It is disgraceful that people can consider anti-religious sentiments offensive, especially in a case where the BBC claims there was none. The legislative climate seems to be moving in the direction of protecting religious sensitivities and 'believers' from any form of criticism. This offends me greatly for three reasons
Firstly because an all merciful, all-powerful god can surely look after himself and his own.

Secondly because a religion is a bit like a football team and it's a matter of personal preference: 'Islam is nasty' is in the same category as 'Arsenal are rubbish', except that there's more evidence that Islam is, indeed, nasty.

Thirdly, many religions - Jews, Sikhs and Moslems conflate the concept of race and religion. Religion is a matter of choice; race is not. Racial intolerance must be condemned but it is bugger all to do with religion. People who draw the two together deserve all the opprobrium going. It's about time these silly, nasty 'believers' grew up.
A [BBC] spokeswoman went on to say
...We do not believe that ... [the programme]... incites ... disrespect for Muslims or Islam.
Shame on you BBC. It's about time you started rubbishing Islam seriously. It's silly and nasty, even in its mildest forms. So too is Judaism. But don't let stop there; only 'The True Faith' is tenable. By the way, people can be as rude about The True Faith as they like.

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