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Monday, June 30, 2003
Hearing voices

Katharine Hepburn has died at the age of 96. The Guardian reports that
Tallulah Bankhead once likened [her voice] to 'nickels dropping in a slot machine'
More here.

The BBC said, quoting an anonymous source (the net perhaps...), that her voice was
A cross between Donald Duck and a Stradivarius
More here.

Both of these are interesting ways of describing voices, so I decided to think how one would describe the unique voice of Emily Proctor, the actress to be found in both 'The West Wing' (the basement Republican: Ainsley Hayes) and 'CSI Miami' (the firearms expert: Calleigh Duquesne).

Doing a bit of research for this blog, I came across the following here.
After leaving Greenville for an acting career in Los Angeles, Proctor took voice lessons to cover her accent but it was a lost cause.
So I should bloody well think - only a total voice transplant would render her voice less excruciating, whatever the 'accent'.

So I keep trying to think of suitable ways to describe it. 'An upright vacuum cleaner with something metallic jammed in the spinning brush'? (Too long). 'An asthmatic kazoo'. (Too imprecise). Or 'A chain saw, with displaced adenoids, cutting hardwood' (Too unkind).

Any suggestions, Mrs T.?

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