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Monday, June 09, 2003
The existence of Saddam Hussein

I really must take my charming friend Donald Rumsfeld to task for his recent logical remarks about the existence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. When criticised because the weapons haven't yet been found, his line of defence appears to be 'Saddam Hussein exists and we haven't found him yet.'

Firstly, there was very considerable evidence for Saddam's existence before he disappeared. I don't think one could make the same claim for the weapons of mass destruction, even now. However, let's indulge Donald a minute. Is our brilliant friend really suggesting that Iraq's stockpile of weapons is no bigger than Saddam Hussein? If so, I think I might go along with that

And is he suggesting that it's equally hard to hide a man as it is a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction? I don't think I'd wear that one.

Unless, of course, the weapons are no bigger than a thimble...

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