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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Calling all bounty hunters

Earlier this year, a California Superior Court convicted Andrew Luster (sic), the heir to the Max Factor cosmetics empire, of several serious offences. He was sentenced in absentia to 124 years for multiple counts of rape, poisoning and drug possession involving three women.

I was therefore very interested to read today that
The heir to the Max Factor cosmetics empire and fugitive convicted rapist, Andrew Luster, has been captured by a bounty hunter in Mexico.
Read more here. This has great implications for justice on Airstrip One. Could we, perhaps, reconsider methods of bringing fugitive Britiish criminals to book?

Previous attempts have not been very successful. In 1981, a gang of adventurers kidnapped Ronnie Biggs, the escaped train robber, in Rio de Janeiro. The group took him to Barbados, expecting Biggs's extradition but Biggs was returned to Brazil.

However, one or two convicted crooks may be worth pursuing: Asil Nadir, who fled to Northern Cyprus amid a financial scandal, could well justify the effort. Dame Shirley Porter also springs to mind.

Convicted of gerrymandering and fined millions of pounds, the lovely lady fled to Israel. It is reported that she also spends time in California. The bounty hunter, Duane "Dog" Chapman, who apprehended Andrew Luster in Mexico, could perhaps be persuaded to 'have a few words' with Shirley Porter; we would all love to see her back home.

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