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Monday, June 09, 2003

The Ashcroft stakes

According to this article,
Lord Ashcroft today threatened to name senior government figures who he blames for a smear campaign that ended his role as Tory treasurer.

Ministers were yesterday forced to issue an embarrassing apology in the high court and pay nearly £500,000 in costs to Lord Ashcroft to halt a damaging court case that was beginning to reveal centuries-old secrets about the running of the honours system.

Foreign Office documents described him as "dodgy" and "being constantly in Private Eye for various political payoffs"...

...The former Belize ambassador to the UN believed that because he was a big donor to the Tories, he was the victim of a political vendetta by ministers deliberately leaking disparaging documents about him to the media.
More here.

Now, one has to ask why so many people should seem to have it in for this gentleman. One has to consider the possibility that major figures in the Con party are likely to be 'dodgy' because of the party's form in the Dodginess (Handicap) Stakes.

Consider the following (and I think it's true that all four cases mentioned below involved Con party MPs trying to get other people into trouble with the law)
Neil Hamilton ('Neil Hamilton's fight to clear his name ended when a high court jury unanimously declared the former Conservative MP corrupt'),

Jeffrey Archer (Convicted of perjury and perverting the course of justice),

Rupert Allason (“One of the most dishonest witnesses I have ever seen” - Mr Justice Laddie), and

Jonathan Aitken (Imprisoned for perjury).
However, there is just the possibility that the Labore party has more than its fair share of crooks but, insofar as anything has come to light, it seems so relatively trivial that I can only remember Mandie's mortgage.

Therefore, given that at least one Con MP models himself on Alan B'stard (or is it the other way round?), isn't it a fair bet that Tories are likely to be shadier than members of other major parties? So John, shouldn't you be critical of the company you keep as well?

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