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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Virus alert?

Sophos and the BBC are warning about a virus called Palyh. It purports to come from 'support'
People are being warned about a new e-mail virus that disguises itself as a message from Microsoft
the message begins. Here's the alert in full.

First the bad news: if you open the apparently innocuous message, you'll admit the virus. It's apparently active in 69 countries.

Second the good news and there's lots of it: according to Symantec (Norton) removal of the virus is easy; Microsoft never send out information in this way so it's clearly spurious and, best of all, according to Symantec
The worm deactivates on May 31, 2003, and therefore, the last day on which the worm will spread is May 30, 2003.
Symantec also call the virus (worm) W32.Sobig.B@mm.

Shouldn't vrus warnings be limited to really serious threats, though? Otherwise, they come close, like hoax virus warnings, to being no better than spam.

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