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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

The temptations of Granada

From time to time I am tempted to think of a piece of legislation or a civil ruling I might like to promulgate if I were head honcho. You will have read of my proposals for a new official secrets act that would make it an offence to mention the royal family, footballers (other than their actions on the field), or soap opera activities, on or off the screen.

When I am not thus engaged in thinking about measures to improve published news or the general level of popular culture, I wonder idly what I would do to scandalise the maximum number of people for the minimum effort. It looks as though the Green party candidate for mayor of Granada - Francisco Garrido - thinks in the same way.
A radical new proposal from the Green party in the southern city of Granada would see the introduction of a controversial new youth sex voucher, the so-called "bonosex", to give amorous young couples aged 25 or under a 50% discount in the city's hotels.

The vouchers would allow young people to initiate their sex lives in "dignified" surroundings, rather than in the cramped, uncomfortable and clandestine places they were normally forced to use, according to a party spokesman.
Read more here. In this particular case, it’s only a proposal and the Green party doesn't have much chance of election. Still, even from my disinterested position as the oldest living inhabitant (173) of the planet, I like the thinking, Francisco...

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