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Thursday, May 22, 2003
Spam spam spam spam...

According to this report,
Junk e-mails are now costing British business more than £3 billion a year, says internet company Yahoo.
The piece concludes:
Meanwhile, AOL - the world's largest ISP - is suing more than 12 individuals and countries who are allegedly responsible for sending one billion unsolicited messages.

The company recently said it blocked about two billion junk messages in a single day, while last week Microsoft revealed its anti-spam measures now net about 2.4 billion spam e-mails sent to its Hotmail and MSN customers.
Most of the spam I receive comes from major ISP addresses. OK you shitbags: Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo et al, what else are you doing to stop people with Yahoo, Hotmail etc. addresses sending out spam from these addresses? Remember the effect on the unfortunate, non-business community, too.

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