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Tuesday, May 13, 2003
She's really gone this time

In the light of Clare Short's real resignation (too many links to follow them all up but try these: her speech here in full; a comment about the occasion here), it's also worth looking back a bit.

Just before the electoral victory of 1997, Peter Mandelson and Roger Liddle produced a sort of padded-out manifesto. It was called The Blair Revolution (London: Faber, 1996). Some parts of it make interesting reading, now. Take this bit (p.56) about Clare Short
Clare Short, Blair's close colleague on the National Executive and shadow cabinet, has observed that since the beginning of his leadership, when many party members were unsure what drove him, greater contact with Blair has revealed his substance and his humour.
Hmmm. Substance? And I'll bet you're not laughing much now, eh Tony?

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