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Wednesday, May 21, 2003
The screwed-up (or unscrewed) British

The unspeakably awful Sun arsepaper (see Josh, April 12th 'The Sun gets it right') has offered some cash for the first onscreen bonk in a forthcoming 'reality' TV show.
Rebekah Wade, editor of the Sun, has shown her largesse by offering "a fantastic £50,000 prize" for the first bonk on Big Brother. Terms and conditions apply. The paper doesn't care where contestants get jiggy, but Sun readers will be asked to vote on whether the couple were making it for real or faking it.
However, a further condition is that it must be a heterosexual bonk. Apart from the tasteless nature of the programme in the first place, the offer amounts to incitement and I do hope that the dotty Rebekah will be prosecuted. If nothing else, there's bound to be a sex discrimination clause in our legislation that will nail the Sun (and, one can but hope, it's proprietor R. Murdoch) for sexism. I do not enjoy watching coition or its representation on the screen - 'Sex is not a spectator sport' © Josh. But, given that it'll happen, the conditions attached to the offer must be attacked as homophobic.

Read the report here.

At the same time,
A controversial poster campaign for Durex condoms featuring the line "Roger More" has been banned after the advertising watchdog ruled it was offensive.
Now, I have not seen the offending advertisement - it sounds very amusing to me. Were I to see it, I am certain that I would find it more wholesome and less offensive than Big Brother in general and the Sun's extraordinarily nasty offer in particular.

Here's a fuller report. Are the British totally bonkers off their rockers?

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