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Tuesday, May 06, 2003
The pillorying of an upright citizen

Barry Legg, a former MP, was appointed to his post running Conservative central office in February by Iain Duncan Smith. IDS's appointment of this man is under attack from the commie-pinko BBC and the holier-than-thou Guardian. I would be disappointed but not be surprised if Mr Legg were now to step aside from the fray.

It isn't as though Mr Legg is a convicted criminal. What's more, he has succeeded in distancing himself from all the shady actions with which his persecutors have tried to associate him. According to the BBC (here)

As a leading councillor at Westminster, he took part in a controversial decision to move homeless families into two London tower blocks known to be "riddled with asbestos". The decision was condemned in a public inquiry commissioned by the council.

As Company Secretary of a major food company, Hillsdown Holdings, Barry Legg was also party to a decision to remove an £18m surplus from a pension fund. A High Court judgement described this as "unjust" and "unlawful". The company was ordered to repay the money plus interest.

In his defence Mr Legg said that he had no recollection of the council decision. And that he had tried to argue with his company to give pensioners at least some of the surplus but had been over-ruled.
And Mr Legg's relationship with Shirley Porter during the gerrymandering scandal in the 1980s was entirely fortuitous. That the good dame has fled to a country beyond the reaches of British law is nothing to do with Barry Legg. You can read the Guardian's lies and smears here and the BBC stuff, with accompanying 'documentary evidence‘ here.

Barry, please, please sue the nasty, snivelling, 'investigative' journalists from the BBC and the Guardian, Meanwhile, I do hope that good sense will prevail so that this honourable man can continue in his current job.

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