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Thursday, May 15, 2003
A log on too far

I always expected this story to be revealed as a hoax
Computer giant Microsoft is developing a portable toilet which allows users to surf the internet.

The iLoo, or www.c as its designers have dubbed it, has a built-in keyboard and plasma screen at seat level and a surround sound speaker system under the sink.

Connection to the internet is via fast broadband technology through an aerial fitted to the roof.
Full marks to the imaginative soul(s) in Microsoft for dreaming it up and to the Press Association for passing it on. No marks to Josh for not registering his cynicism before the denouement: 'a marketing exercise', e.g. here.

However, in February, I blogged about the sorts of thing I had found in terminals in internet cafes: food, coffee and whatnot (See 'The state of internet cafes', 3 February 2003). Had the iLoo story been true, just think of what else one could soon be finding in internet loo keyboards...

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