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Friday, May 02, 2003
The lemming party

As the BBC puts it (here)
Tory trade spokesman Crispin Blunt quit with a scathing attack on his leader shortly before polls closed for elections for councils in England and Scotland, the Welsh assembly and the Scottish Parliament.
Here's another take on the matter.

Eschewing the sort of trite media comments about a 'Blunt instrument' (ha ha) I have one relevant observation: it would be so much easier to take Crispin Blunt seriously were he not the spitting image of the non-millionaire Major Charles Ingram.

When I can find them, I'll be sending matching, comparable photos to Private Eye, asking if the two are somehow related. Perhaps Mrs Trellis would do this for me to save me the trouble. It's so important to give the lemming party appropriate publicity.

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