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Sunday, May 04, 2003
Jugs gets a pasting

This article qualifies as an unfocused rant against the Price of Wales.
Dismissing the prince as irrelevant is as mistaken as it is tempting. His nanophobia, a prejudice dismissed as ludicrous by laureates, or anyone with a physics A-level, is only the latest in a Pooterish list. GM crops, carbuncular architecture, greedy supermarkets, human rights and the fate of oppressed farmers, who fare worse than 'ethnic minorities and gays', have equally enraged him.
While the twit may have a point or two, he is (or regards himself as) influential. The unelected figurehead-in-waiting of a modern democracy should be seen and not heard - like the principal, really.
Sometimes, the Downing Street phones are hot with the wrath of a prince who, in one interpretation, is a regressive xenophobe lambasting the avaricious while clearing a £7m profit from the Duchy of Cornwall. On a kinder reading, he is a social improver helping excluded young people. Certainly, he is no more acquisitive, and less venal, than many of his caste. He does, however, define the modern monarchy.
The article concludes
Destroying a monarchy is, by contrast, much simpler than it looks.
I would it were so.

Read the whole article here.

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