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Saturday, May 17, 2003
A good tidy up

The Lady has been paying me a lot of attention lately. Early in the week, she brought me a bread-maker, knowing how sensitive I am to the salt in virtually all shop-bought bread. However, she was not amused when I asked her which button to press to get the loaf to come out sliced.

She swept off and started to get Bagshot Mansion 'organised'. I was very grateful but she got effortlessly up the nose of my tetchy staff and, to a man, they walked out on me. Having worked her very special magic, she left me to my own devices.

So it was that I found myself all alone in the vast splendour of the place last night. I microwaved something delightful, courtesy of Lord Haskins. It was too hot to handle so I looked for the oven gloves. By the time I had found them, the dish was nearly cold.

Many thanks, my darling.

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