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Wednesday, May 28, 2003
The Constitution problem

I am grateful to a letter in today's Grauniad for alerting me to something awful in the draft European constitution. There is an article that
... allows churches the right to intervene in policy-making and potentially takes our country and its people back several hundred years. The separation of "church" and "state" (though neither term can be clearly defined) must apply to all areas of community life; the only hope for the future of Europe, and of the world, is a secular one.
Quite right. I've done some delving into the 148-page contribution to the nation's perplexity. (Here's a link to the pdf file.) This is what I found:
Article I-51 Status of churches and non-confessional organisations

1 The Union respects and does not prejudice the status under national law of churches and religious associations or communities in the Member States.

2. The Union equally respects the status of philosophical and non-confessional organisations.

3. Recognising their identity and their specific contribution, the Union shall maintain an open, transparent and regular dialogue with these churches and organisations.
I'd been quite happy with the rest of what I'd read, despite the ravings of the Murdoch press, until I came across this stuff. Regular dialogue with the dinosaurs, eh?

If there is a referendum and this rubbish is in, I'll be a 'No!'

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