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Monday, May 05, 2003
Childminders and smacking

Yesterday, I made the mistake of looking at a talkboard discussion considering the forthcoming regulation of smacking by childminders. I posted this attenuated version (indented) of a few comments from Josh's Joshings on 5th October. (Blogger has lost my archive for that date so you'll just have to believe me.) Here's the link to the article which generated the talkboard. Here's the talkboard itself in case you want to follow it, but it's not very enlightening/entertaining.
The majority of the population is in favour of smacking so they must be right, mustn't they?
[One of the subsequent posts to the chain, addressed specifically to me, read 'No, it just shows they are primitive...'

How can I suggest to the poor lady that she should have read the whole piece in context? The biggest surprise and disappointment of all is that she's probably European.]
There have been so many occasions on which British legislation has flown in the face of public opinion: race relations, the wearing of crash helmets, the wearing of seat belts, speed limits and, of course, the abolition of the death penalty. These all represent infringements of individual freedom. It's about time we stopped allowing such namby-pamby restrictions on our civil liberties.

Finally, there is another, perhaps stronger, reason to keep our laws on punishment unchanged, in particular in upper classes educational establishments, including nurseries. How otherwise can we be sure that there is a continuing supply of children that accept, or even like, physical punishment? We would not want 'le vice Anglais' to die out, would we? Flagellation is such an integral part of sexuality, that we must, on no account, do anything to suggest that it is wrong. Half the aristocracy wouldn't know what to do in the brothel, otherwise.
Still, I suppose irony is partly about getting people to think. Another point is to make them laugh. The final bit is schadenfreude. Not in this case, though. Perhaps I'll give up...

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