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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Bull with taste trashes antique shop, dies

You will by now have read about or watched on the released CCTV footage the antics of an escaped bull in an alleged 'Antiques Centre'.
The bull escaped from an auction market at around 11am and ran through the antiques centre, knocking over a woman and terrifying about 200 people inside. The woman was treated in hospital for bruising to her shoulder.

The animal was eventually herded into a corner of the building and locked in a showroom. Police officers evacuated the complex and cordoned off the area before calling in firearms officers, who shot the bull at 1.30pm.
Well, the owner of the 'Antiques Centre' Alan Blackburn will doubtless be getting lots of free publicity about the incident. Read a full report here. However, I would like to redress the balance.

From the TV pictures I saw, there were no antiques at all in the centre - it was full of total rubbish; the place is well worth missing if you live in the area.

It's too late to do anything about the bull, except to have a celebratory steak. That bull deserves posthumous recognition for its taste: he was doing us all (except Alan Blackburn) a favour in smashing up some of the tattiest stuff - coronation mugs, commemorative plates, and completely naff pictures - I have ever seen.

Shame you didn't have longer at it, Mr Bull.

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