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Wednesday, May 28, 2003
Archbishop Williams on gays

The Times is running a biography of Rowan Williams, the new Cantuar. Not as interesting as Barbara Castle’s. Still, we can't have everything. Here's how the front page Times report begins
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, believes that the Church of England should change its mind on homosexuality in the same way that it has already altered its teaching on slavery, hellfire, usury and marriage after divorce.
So far so good. However, one would have liked to see things like exorcism, women archbishops, and the primacy of Rome, to name but three, on the list for various reasons. It continues
According to a new biography of Dr Williams serialised in The Times today, Dr Williams believes that faithful gay partnerships should be accepted by all Christians who endorse contraception.
And here's the (unreliable) link to the front page report. Here hang on a minute: this hasn't got anything to do with the following story has it?
A South African woman has given birth to a baby whom she carried in her liver rather than her womb.
You can read more here.

So, in line with - but in an attempt to frustrate - Josh's prediction that it won't be long before men are having babies, homosexuals have to use contraception. Is that the idea? Perhaps there's something bizarre about the logic that '...faithful gay partnerships should be accepted by all Christians who endorse contraception'? Or is it just a dig at Rome?

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