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Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Victor's justice?

I have listened with some discomfort to this story broadcast by the BBC
The Bush administration has reacted angrily to suggestions that General Tommy Franks, the commander of the US-led war in Iraq, might be charged with war crimes.

A lawyer says he is preparing a case that could see General Franks charged under a law which allows the prosecution of non-Belgian citizens for war crimes.
The Brussels lawyer is
aiming to file a case next week on behalf of 10 Iraqi civilians alleging among other things that General Franks did nothing to stop the looting of hospitals in Baghdad and that coalition forces fired on an ambulance.
Hmm. Sounds like a good prima facie case to me.

However, the State Department spokesman, Richard Boucher said
We believe the Belgian Government needs to be diligent in taking steps to prevent abuse of the legal system for political ends.
This is US-speak for 'We believe the Belgian Government needs to be diligent in taking steps to prevent using their legal system if it conflicts with the US's political ends.'

Or, even more simply, ‘You may think that this is victor’s justice but, whatever you think, get lost - we’ll do what we like.'

Read more here.

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