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Sunday, April 20, 2003
Tony Blair's interview with 'The Sun'

One has to ask oneself why it is that Tony Blair elected to give his recent interview (Friday 18th April) to The Sun (sorry, no link). In this interview, Blair said that he called his family together to explain that he might lose his job over the Iraq war. He went on to say
...some people are going to die as a result of your decision. In the end if you lose your premiership, well you lose it. But at least you lose it on the basis of something that you believe in
So let's get this straight; you are taking a decision that means people will die. You may lose your job but you would be losing it on the grounds of something you believe in. So you may lose your job and some people lose their lives. On the other hand, some people will die and you may not lose your job after all.

Simplifying further, some people will lose their lives because of what Tony Blair believes in and Tony Blair may or may not lose his job.

It's nice to see it explained so clearly. I suppose I have answered my own question: readers of other newspapers clearly lack sufficient intelligence to be able to appreciate the strength of that particular argument.

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