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Sunday, April 27, 2003
A tale of three blogs

The first blog I ever came across, about a year ago, discussed topics close to my heart. You know, scientific disciplines such as knitting, reflexology and the occult. I watched the way in which the site developed using Blogger.

Occasionally, it would go off-line with some sort of technical problem but it always bounced back. I admired the way in which the blog's owner would make small changes: to a colour here, a font there. It seemed that she knew the secret of systems development: make small changes and test, test, test.

One day, she said that she was going over to Movable Type. I followed the new site for a week or so and then it fell over completely and, to my knowledge, has not reappeared.

Some people manage the transition without trouble but this clearly was a disaster.

The second blog, completely unrelated and of an entirely different nature (taboo subjects like sport, politics and religion), had a lot of interesting things. Take three-dimensional images, smellovision, and some innovatory feedback facilities, for example. This one, too, was rejigged from time to time. Then the blogger went over to Movable Type. Again, the site worked for about a week and then it disappeared completely.

As some sage of detective fiction once said "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence and thrice is enemy action" (or something like that).

As to the third blog, it stuck with Blogger and made few changes once it was working. Any 'innovation' was first tested for weeks on a parallel site. Not very exciting but I'm still here, Mrs T.

I have to suggest that one of the failed blogs may have fallen over because of the inclusion in its masthead of a totally un-ironic Stars & Stripes. Could it be that there is a net genie somewhere sabotaging blogs that carry nationalist fervour to ridiculous extremes? Oh, I do hope so.

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