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Saturday, April 05, 2003
Sick visiting

Yesterday, while engrossed in an activity which precluded blogging (OK, I had just embarked on a pilgrimage from Bagshot to Canterbury on my knees), I heard a news item that, were I less intent on my penance, would have sent me scurrying to my personal set of transcribers. It had just been announced that George W. Bush was to visit Northern Ireland.

Now, I know that many of the people in Northern Ireland are particularly truculent and troublesome. They epitomise the closed mind par excellence. It's all to do with thinking that they each have unique access to religious certainty. Since neither group represents The True Faith, I can say with my absolute certainty that they are completely mistaken.

It may be that they are truculent, troublesome and thoroughly misguided but such shortcomings surely do not condemn then to a visit from the arch WMD himself, the US Hebrew Gog (anag.).

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