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Monday, April 07, 2003
Self revelation

Self-revelatory blogging is not for the faint-hearted, and there are bloggers who would rather bite off their own hands than write intimate pieces about their lives and personal relationships. I am one of them. While I have always felt that personal experiences, emotions and insights - the intensely subjective details of human existence - are not only the most vivid, but the most universally relevant writings a blogger can offer, nevertheless I am reticent about revealing all. [Please note that any similarity to this article is entirely intentional.]

However, I have received many heartfelt pleas for more information about me and my life in Bagshot Mansion. These pleas have been greatly helped by having been written on the sides of piles of tightly wadded banknotes. If a devoted reader should find this a tad mercenary, then I can only apologise; but you would not want me to pour out my heart for trivial reasons, would you?

In line with other blogs of my acquaintance, I have therefore decided to include an 'About' link where you can find out things about me. I shall be revealing the most intimate and, please excuse the immodesty, the most fascinating details about myself.

During the next few weeks, with the aid of a prominent ghastwriter (sic), I shall gradually lift the curtain...

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