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Wednesday, April 16, 2003
The moralists' position on one of today's pressing problems...

It is never my policy to underestimate the postulates of the greatest thinkers of our age. Before giving my position on a matter, especially where I have to deal with a pronouncement from a sage of note, I give the topic the most detailed consideration. I was quite rightly taken to task recently (March 21st-22nd) by dongle, somewhere in this blog. He bravely dismissed my question 'If all the world loves a lover, why do they have policeman in red light districts?' with the succinct comment: 'Because prostitution is to love what astrology is to science.'

Setting aside the grammar of the expression, I have to confess that most of my rethinking has hitherto related largely to the scientific nature of astrology but there is such a lot of 'meat' in his answer. However, I have suddenly been obliged to consider another contribution to the debate. Here is a link to an article that appears to be in favour of promiscuity and here it is in its entirety:
Apparently, Britain is facing a public health crisis caused by an enormous increase in various types of sexually transmitted diseases. Professor Michael Adler, of the Royal Free and University College Medical School, is very worried about it. Not least about the mysterious chlamydia, of which there's been an increase of 73 per cent in the past five years. Crabs, you'll be delighted to learn, have been doing very well for themselves, too. And warts, herpes and NSU.

This is the best news I've read for some time. It means that we are a nation so at ease with ourselves that we are almost perpetually on the pull. Alan Milburn should be trumpeting Professor Adler's findings from the rooftops, drooling, with his arm draped suggestively around the shoulders of a supplicant state-registered nurse. Because when the clap clinics are full, it is the sign of an otherwise vibrant, loving and healthy nation.
So I feel a trifle confused. Elementary morality has become so complicated...

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