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Friday, April 04, 2003

The BBC's 'Today' programme alerted me to this interesting service. I have included most of the home page for your delectation
THANK YOU for contacting, a fast-response service designed to help busy Christian ministers and teachers with sound, ready-made sermons which you can download quickly and easily from this website.

['Sound', eh?]

With today’s pressures and stresses, few of us have unlimited time to research and write material to support our ministries. Time allocated for writing sermons or planning RE classes is often taken up by last-minute pastoral problems. And, to be honest, how many of us have secretly wished that we could come up with something different to say about Palm Sunday, Easter, Harvest, the Good Samaritan et al this year?

[I have exactly the same difficulty blogging; I wonder if they would help me with my daily blog...]

Lastminutesermons are designed to be thought-provoking, inspirational and educational, but they do not involve extremism or theologically controversial views. They should prove acceptable to ministers and teachers in a wide variety of mainstream Christian traditions including Anglican, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist and United Reformed.

[Wot; nothing challenging then?]

We welcome your comments and suggestions. With nine years’ sermon output to transfer to this site, and new sermons being added regularly, we are continually updating and expanding our list. If you do not see a sermon to suit your text or theme on our current list, do please contact us - we may have what you need in stock.
So nothing about plagiarism, originality, and being personally relevant to your flock, then. And nothing about how to react to howling flocks shouting "We heard that same load of rubbish at the rival establishment across the road, last week!" (or its less Christian equivalent).

The whole thing reminds me of the various 'Buy a ready-written essay' sites so beloved of lazy/incompetent students and deplored by tutors/markers.

Nothing, either, about how The Big Tutor/Marker in the sky might see this activity...

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