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Saturday, April 05, 2003
Floreat flagellation

The following piece appeared in an article describing, amongst other things, some of the improvements achieved by the coalition forces in Iraq
Shiites defy Saddam with ritual in streets

Shiites in the southern Iraqi town of Umm Qasr performed a public ritual of self-flagellation, a move they said would have meant death if Saddam Hussein was still in control there.

The ritual, performed at a funeral last night, was the first open sign of defiance of the Iraqi president by Shiite Muslims in the port town since it was captured by US and British troops.
It is extremely important that the very enlightened Shi'ites should have reacquired the ability to molest themselves unmolested. May I also recommend to them the highly beneficial practices of faeces-eating, trepanning, train spotting, and bungee jumping?

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