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Wednesday, April 16, 2003
Ethical journalism

A day or so ago, I blogged about an apparent betrayal of ethical journalism. As a follow up, here is a snippet about an item on last Sunday's 'Broadcasting House' - you know, that irrritating BBC programme that has just won some award or the other. They told once again the old fable/story, often used to illustrate the tenacious nature of journalists:
One day, the fox and the scorpion met on the banks of a river, each wanting to cross to the other side. The scorpion, who could not swim, entreated the fox to carry him across the river. The scorpion promised that he would not sting the fox while he swam because, if the fox were to die, the scorpion himself would drown.

In mid-river, the scorpion did, indeed, sting the fox. 'Why did you do that?' asked the fox, dying.

'Because it is in my nature,' said the scorpion.
At this stage, I will also quote verbatim the concluding words of the narrator:
It is in the nature of a journalist to get its (sic) story.
Is that why they call journalists 'reptiles'?

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