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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

A while back, I noted with interest the formation of the Anglo-Dutch steel firm Corus. Wags pointed out the significance of the name: CO R Us. Chemists with small children among us would recognise this as 'Carbon monoxide are us'. (Oh, bugger off the Russian scholars who know that the backwards R denotes 'I').

It doesn't take much lateral thinking to see Corus as 'CO2 R us'. Not very surprising when one knows the amount of energy (and hence CO2 output) involved in the production of a ton of steel.

Poor Corus is declaring lots of redundancies. Read more here. Piss-poor management is one contributing factor. However, there may be another.

The totally altruistic, free-trade-mad USA may have had more than 'not a lot' to do with it, directly or indirectly. Do you remember the recent protectionist measures put up by the US's shrub administration to protect its steel industry? What hypocritical bastards!

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