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Monday, April 28, 2003

A few days ago, I remarked that it was HM the Q's birthday. Well, I suppose we all have them, don't we?

The radio also tells me that it is Saddam Hussein's birthday today. I cannot think of a suitable greeting. As it's his sixty-sixth (if he's still alive), perhaps I could wish him 'Few returns of the day', but that isn't nasty enough. How about 'No returns of the day'? Better, but it lacks bite. Suggestions, please.

Today is also St George's Day. Our patron saint's day often falls upon Shakespeare's birthday, April 23rd. This year, because some church or the other decrees when Easter shall be celebrated, St George gets 'repositioned'.

Imagine the outcry if some idiots were to move your birthday about because of some need to fit in with phases of the moon *. You'd say they were barking mad and governed by superstition, witchcraft and not in touch with the real world, wouldn't you?

Dear prelate/doge/astrologer general, I celebrated my birthday last week. I do hope that you don't mind. However, given your predilection for interfering in things, what are your views on celebrating Saddam Hussein's birthday? I think you should tell us.

(* The only 'movable' birthdays that make sense occur on February 29th.)

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