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Wednesday, March 19, 2003
Thunderbirds are go..

Watching Saddam Hussein appearing on TV in military uniform apparently for the first time for ages, I suddenly saw him as one of Gerry Anderson's creations. I am not familiar enough with the cast so I cannot suggest who he might be - perhaps none of them. Certainly not "Brains".

His whole demeanour was puppet-like and his movements mechanical. I suppose that all we can do is laugh at the odious shitbag and hope that he's soon captured or otherwise dealt with. Better to bring him to trial, though.

Two private eye cartoons today made me laugh.
Firstly, a picture of Saddam reading a newspaper saying 'Robin Cook Quits'.
Saddam says to an aide: "His men are already deserting!"
Secondly, a photo of Bush and Blair. There are bubbles coming from their mouths.
Blair: We're going to lick ass!
Bush: Surely "kick"?
But the picture I will treasure is of the puppet-figure of Saddam Hussein. He is ridiculous as well as nasty.

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