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Sunday, March 02, 2003
Strangle yourself

During this past week, the media have reported the case of a Stockport man who takes exception to his management's dictating what he should wear for work (collar & tie). I am blogging my solidarity with him. Well done, Matthew Thompson.

You can read more about the case here.

Since time immemorial, I have opposed absurd standards of dress: I tried to get tax relief on suits that I would not have purchased other than to comply with restrictive work dress codes (I failed). I was greatly irritated when a female lawyer was granted similar relief for her "severe" working clothes.

This was particularly annoying because I had campaigned, this time successfully, for women to be allowed to wear trousers at work if they so wished. I was delighted to see that a woman recently won a big case against her employers. They had dismissed her for the persistent wearing of trousers.

I do not like tight collars and ties. Whenever "forced" to wear a tie, I wear it with the collar undone and the knot on my chest but I would rather not bother. Isn't it about time Trinny and Susannah devised new neckware for men? You know: something that's an obvious codpiece substitute but less uncomfortable to wear than a tight collar and tie or, indeed, a codpiece.

The only time a tight collar is acceptable is at the barber (to stop the cut hair going down one's neck), or with a dinner jacket (tux), or in the hangman's noose.

Perhaps that last style should be reserved for Pensions ministers whose department specifies absurd and sexist dress codes...

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