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Sunday, March 09, 2003
Royal revelations

From time to time, I have blogged about the need for having a different method of choosing our hereditary monarch. I have, perhaps, come up with a useful idea.

Before all is revealed, one should know that
The long-awaited Peat report into Charles's court [commissioned in the wake of the collapsed Burrell trial], is due this week. It is expected to be a whitewash, and as the Prince's followers begin to fall away, it is clear that more revelations will follow. After years of polishing his image and wooing the public to accept Camilla, will Charles - and the monarchy - now come unstuck? - The Observer, 8 March
You can read the full article (not the report) here. If you are still a monarchist when you have finished you will probably be open to suggestions for reforming, yea even attenuating, the institution. You may also find common ground with the republicans.

Long ago, Bea Campbell (I think) revealed that Charles's Father was allowed to play away from home in the manner of all monarchs since time immemorial. It was news to me however that Jugs follows quite so demeaningly in Phil's footsteps: Princess Rosebud claimed that Jugs once yelled at her
Don't you realise that Princes of Wales have always had mistresses?
However, it is perhaps more important to see the general contemptuous way the man deals with everyone: droit de seigneur (i.e. screw everyone else) outside the bedroom too e.g.
... in 1988 when he defied avalanche warnings to go off-piste skiing in Klosters, only to see a loyal aide killed.
We need less of this sort of monarchy. Could we move to a continental, 'bicycling' version? I doubt it, given the current incumbents.

Our continental cousins, ironically those ranged against us over Iraq, found neat solutions associated with their revolutionary regime changes. Germany, France and Russia solved their problems, didn't they? Their royal houses are excellent examples, are they not?

[And Mrs T., please note that this is not an attempt to incite you to regicide. This is called 'Royal revelations' not 'Royal revolutions’ OK? Got that?]

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