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Thursday, March 20, 2003
A "no war" zone?"

This is the text of an open letter to Mrs Trellis:
Dear Myfanwy,

(I may call you that now, may I not? As my only reader, your merest whim is of the great importance to me and I feel that we have got to know each other quite well these last eight months).

Now that the war is under way, the airwaves, newspapers, and the internet will all be full of news, comment, and misinformation about the war in Iraq. Because there are so many other things you have asked me to blog about, I shall switch my attention to them. Not for me the trivialities of killing, then; I have in mind such things as scarecrow competitions, the benefits of owning a Blackbird SR71, and a treatise on the weak two no-trump. I know that you have also asked me to provide information on the death of characters in soap operas, the evolution of the bi song-cycle and 101 uses for a redundant international development minister. In these matters, I shall try to oblige.

Accordingly, I declare this blog a totally war-free zone. (That is unless I change my mind, of course. You wouldn't hang me out to dry if I did, would you, Myfanwy? Not like that horrible Tony did with Clare...)
Given the current difficulty in obtaining Iranian gin, I am sending the loveable old lady some halal York ham and a few dozen kosher oysters.

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