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Saturday, March 22, 2003
A new reader...

I am deeply indebted to dongle, blogging here (21 March), for two things. Firstly, he has doubled my readership. Secondly, he has provided extremely perceptive answers to the questions I posed yesterday. Mrs Trellis, I'm disappointed that you did not give me your analysis; so disappointed, in fact, that I shall in future put my philosophical questions to dongle, not to you. Here's dongle's post, Mrs T. - you have such a lot to learn:
Josh asks some stupid questions today. At the risk of being a fool answering a fool, here's my take, posted here because he doesn't have a comments feature.

[Yes, polemics is a risky business, isn't it? But I must get the comments system working. I’m obviously missing a lot - Josh.]

1. If all the world loves a lover, why do they have policemen in red light districts? Because prostitution is to love what astrology is to science.
2. Why do parents call their daughters "Holl(e)y"? Is it because they expect her to have a prickly personality or do they think she has something in common with a carburettor? Holly is evergreen. It's a symbol of eternal life. And it sounds better than "Piney" on a girl.
3. If one nation in particular has a constitutional right to " life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", why is it that grass, cocaine and heroin are proscribed substances? Because its authors knew that happiness isn't something that you get from things that are outside you. It has to come from within. And because it's likely that the triad of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" is arranged in descending order of virtue.Sometimes to preserve life, we have to curtail liberty. Sometimes, to guarrantee life and liberty, we have to stop those whose pursuit of happiness takes them in the wrong direction
Once again, my grateful thanks to dongle for his forensic, laser-like comments. Still, I'm a bit miffed at his calling my questions "stupid". Please do not mock the afflicted.

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