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Saturday, March 08, 2003
International Women's day

Today is International Women's Day. As a staunch feminist, I intended to keep quiet for the day, in a gesture of solidarity. However, I could not resist this story in the Independent. It tells of the difficulties caused by an equal opportunities ruling in Victoria, Australia - bowls competitions there must, effectively, be unisex.
The ruling applies to all 550 clubs in Victoria, and was handed down by the state's Equal Opportunities Commission after a young woman, Emily South, challenged club regulations that restricted women to playing during the week and men at weekends.
There's lot more excitement/amusement, so read it yourselves, here (second link). The article concludes
...Diane South, Emily's mother and a keen bowls player herself, scoffed: ... "Beware little old ladies who shoot from the hip," she said.
Phew! Thanks for that. Thank heavens she didn't say "...little old ladies who shout from the hip."

I shall take up the game immediately, in preparation for my next visit. Can you blame me for loving Australia so much?

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