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Friday, March 14, 2003
Findings of the Peat inquiry

Sir Michael Peat, Jugs's private secretary, has published his report into allegations of misconduct in the Prince of the Realm's household. Here is my slant on the whitewashings:
Michael Fawcett, the Prince's personal assistant was 'not guilty' of financial impropriety. He ‘bent the rules’, though.

The allegation of homosexual rape against one of ‘the Prince's closest aides’ should have been treated more seriously. The matter was hushed up and the complainant 'got rid of'.

The collapse of the Old Bailey theft trial of former royal butler Paul Burrell had nothing to do with St James’s Palace, nor did the bringing of the case in the first place.

Staff accepted gifts and hospitality from outsiders contrary to instructions. [But the poor sods are so badly paid that it’s not surprising.]
Jugs, currently visiting Great Uncle Bulgaria, accepted responsibility for the mismanagement. Well, well, well.

Three big questions remain: firstly, who was the alleged homosexual rapist? (Strong pointers to the answer can be found in my blog, dated 17 November).

Secondly, now it has been revealed that Burrell wrote to Prince William ages ago saying that he was looking after things for Princess Rosebud, why was the case brought at all?

Thirdly, which group of shitbags caused Burrell to be prosecuted? Was it the Spencers?

Common sense suggests that our revolting royals were happy to see Burrell hung out to dry. ‘Don’t get involved,’ was one piece of advice offered to some of these shrinking violets. Whether the police were ever told of evidence that would demolish their case is unknown. Presuming that they did, their obsequious attitude to the nobility cannot have helped. [This link, added 15 March, gives a few more interesting details...]

Here's the full, 100+ page text of the report (pdf).

Here's a summary of the key points.

Let's give these people a real doing over. I’ve always wondered what The Sun and News of the World were for, other than as poor quality arse-wipes, that is*. This is just up their street. Rebekah and co, get busy.

[ * Some important etymology: Arse = (taboo) bottom, backside, bum. Ass = donkey. OK?]

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