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Monday, March 24, 2003
The face of...?

A few days ago (12th March, to be precise), I blogged that I had referred to Donald Rumsfeld as "fof" (© Josh). However, in between coining the term and posting it, regrettably I forgot what the contraction stood for.

I decided that it probably didn't stand for "follower of fashion" but I asked Mrs T. to make alternative suggestions for the actual expanded meaning.

She has provided me with several alternatives, none of which strikes an immediate chord. Here are her suggestions: "full of flem", "fuck old francophobe", and "friggin' over fifties". None of these suggestions rings a bell so I am asking her to think again.

Therefore, the "competition" is held open for another few days or until such time as a suitable entry is received. Come on Myfanwy, I'm sure you can come up with something. Although it is topical, I don't think it was "friend or foe"... We know the answer to that one.

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