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Sunday, March 16, 2003
A big news day

My attention has been drawn to this important news item:
An obscure Jewish sect in New York has been gripped in awe by what it believes to be a mystical visitation by a 20lb carp that was heard shouting in Hebrew, in what many Jews worldwide are hailing as a modern miracle. (Observer, 16 March)
or as the New York Times put it:
And so it came to pass that a talking carp, shouting in Hebrew, shattered the calm of the New Square Fish Market and created what many here are calling a miracle.
It would seem that nearly everyone has missed the deep significance of this event.
...a New Square resident who stopped by the store this week [said] "It is very rare that God reminds people he exists in this modern world. But when he does, you cannot ignore it."
Quite right, Mr Resident. But what makes you so sure that it wasn't the first/second* coming of the Messiah, albeit in disconcerting form? One lot missed it first time; perhaps both lots missed it this time.

Read the complete, totally riveting, story here (NYT, subscription) and/or here (Observer). Meanwhile, I'm off to listen to my "Billy Bass" (singing fish). I may have missed something first time round...

[* Delete according to your religious inclination.]

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