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Saturday, February 15, 2003
Today's London anti-war march

I shall not be present at today's protest. This is nothing to do with Manchester United versus Arsenal nor the beginning of the Six nations rugby championship: England against France.

I shall, instead, be burning piles of French tricolors outside the Twickenham ground, secure in the knowledge that those snail-eating surrender monkeys will be unable to do anything. See yesterday on French sin.

Moreover, just as I did not attend the Countryside Alliance' s rally last Autumn, I reiterate that attendance, let alone support of these events, undermines one's ability to see both sides. Were I to declare a position in this way, I would be hamstrung in maintaining my renowned objectivity. So "Villepin is a sneering, treacherous, lying hypocrite, completely out of touch with George, Tony, John (Howard), about three other people, and me".

Sometimes, I am amazed by my own perceptivity.

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