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Friday, February 21, 2003
Please don't tell stories

Sometimes one doesn't know if people in the media make things up just to amuse themselves. I came across this gem from the Grauniad dated 17th February (I think - you'll find it here, together with more of the sort of scurrilous nonsense beloved of this commie rag). If the article is a spoof, it achieves the extraordinary feat of simultaneously making fun of the dead, offending the gullible, and ridiculing deeply held beliefs. I have passed the article on to the DPP; the new legislation about religious sensibilities surely applies here.
We've had Diana: the three-in-a-marriage interview, Diana: The documentary and Diana: the tacky TV movie. But you'd better hang onto your ouija boards, because now cable channel Living TV is bringing us "Diana: the seance". The 90-minute special is to be screened next month and will climax with seances in London and Paris, in which UK mediums Craig and Jane Hamilton Parker will attempt to contact the spirit of Diana. The show will also feature interviews with Mohamed Al-Fayed and Diana biographer Andrew Morton. A Living TV spokesman refused to be drawn on whether beyond the grave contact was established with Diana, only commenting mysteriously that "it went incredibly well from what I've heard". Which must surely mean that the Hamilton Parkers managed to get in touch with Elvis as well.
Still, if it's in the papers, it must be true, mustn't it? And won't it be wonderful to hear from Princess Rosebud again?

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